scientists and students who are interested in doing research in this village.
Beginning existence Penglipuran village has existed since ancient, supposedly at the time of the Kingdom of Bangli. The ancestors of these villagers came from Bayung Gede village and settled until now, while the name “Penglipuran” itself comes from the word meaning Pengeling temple has a shrine to the memory of the ancestors. Village Community Penglipuran majority are farmers. The village was awarded the Kalpataru and defined as rural tourism by the local government in 1995. In addition to a uniform gate, the houses in the village Penglipuran also has a liaison between the house of one another, resulting in a kinship between families with each other. The scenery is no less interesting that I see is the village children Penglipuran looking dragonfly with jackfruit tree sap that is wrapped on a stick.

One of the cultural attractions that can be visited while traveling to Bali is Tenganan. Tenganan is a traditional village in Bali. The layout of Tenganan itself rather be at the sub-district Manggis, Karangasem, Bali. This tourist area is approximately 10 kilometers from Candi Dasa. Tenganan Village is a village inhabited by people of Bali Aga, diasmping other two villages namely Sembiran and Trunyan. Bali Aga people of Bali are still living with the people of Bali mempertahanakan system that has been passed down from generation to generation halted earlier era ancestor. In this village the shape and location of existing buildings made by atauran customs that has existed since time dahulu.Sejarah of Tenganan village has several versions, some of which says that the name of Tenganan beginning he was a “middle” or “ngatengahang” or have meaning moving into deeper areas. Meaning that has a relationship with the movement of people from the region of the coast towards the hills.