desa Village located on the edge of Lake Batur in the present era Craigslist Songan Village, Trunyan, Abang, Fruits and Kedisan. Hindu community functioning society Mount and Lake Batur as a sacred place, therefore the religious literatures like the Usana Bali, King of Danu Batur and Padma Purana Buana, Mount and Lake Batur was declared as “Linggih or sthana of Goddess Goddess or Goddess Danuh Ulun Danu “as a manifestation of the god Vishnu as magic, and are also prevalent in lontar called Sang Hyang Girinata and Sang Hyang Giriputri. Lake Batur is the source of water for some communities in South Bali. Therefore, an important role is that of Lake Batur frequent religious, for example Pekelem to invoke prosperity primarily associated with agricultural activities.
Ulun Danu Batur contained “inscription that marks the important values ​​of cultural systems Subak as a manifestation of the philosophy of Tri Hita Karana”. This philosophy can be isnpirasi to the concepts of sustainable development not only Bali but also worldwide. Pura Danu Batur be central to maintaining the quality of environmental conservation as a control center for the governance of the water of Lake Batur took a very important role.

Taman Ayun Temple

Taman Ayun Temple stood in the 17th century or around the year 1634. At that time, who led the King of Mengwi Tjokorda Way Blambangan or I Gusti Agung Ngurah Agung. Recorded temple area measuring 100 meters x 250 meters. Mengwi King entrusted the construction of the temple is the architect of China, Kang Choew. If the physical look of the entire sculptural building has a style of Java and Bali. Height of Meru number is an odd number, the highest is 11 overlap and overlap number at least three. Meru is building roofed wooden pyramid of palm, palm tree fibers. The overlap is stacked pyramid roof of the large and tapers upwards like a pine tree.
Meru in Taman Ayun Temple made major pretended representatives in Bali. This effort Mengwi King then relieve its citizens if they want to pray, do not have far to Besakih as a means of transportation is not as good as now. Meanwhile, the prayer place Mengwi royal family has its own temple inside